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Molonglo Support Services Ltd
Registrar’s Executive Assessment Compliance Program

Molonglo Support Services Ltd (Molonglo) is a Tier 3 Community Housing Provider, under the National Regulatory System for Community Housing (NRSCH) having achieved registration in April 2015. The provider has a portfolio of 13 properties managed on behalf of NSW Land and Housing Corporation (LAHC).  Molonglo deliver crisis and transitional accommodation, specialist support programs and services for people experiencing difficulties due to homelessness, domestic violence, poverty and/or discrimination.

Molonglo are assessed as overall compliant with all performance outcomes under the NRSCH. However, the Registrar identified better practice opportunities around managing property standards and employment checks for the provider to consider. Some administrative changes should lead to improvement in these areas and will assist the provider to better manage property standards and employment checks. The provider demonstrated their commitment to meet the complex needs of vulnerable people in the Queanbeyan community by their collaborative working relationships with government and local community organisations. From a financial perspective, the Registrar assesses Molonglo as financially viable and notes that Molonglo continue their sound operating financial performance.

The Registrar foresees no reason to alter the planned level of regulatory engagement with Molonglo. Subsequently, the provider’s next standard compliance assessment is provisionally scheduled for June 2021 and will cover all performance outcomes of the National Regulatory Code. The Registrar will update the regulatory view of the provider upon completion of that assessment.