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The Wollongong Emergency Family Housing (WEFH) was registered as a Tier 3 Community Housing Provider (CHP) under the National Regulatory System for Community Housing (NRSCH) in 2015. WEFH provides homeless support and transitional housing to clients living in the local Wollongong area. WEFH has a portfolio of 22 properties managed on behalf of NSW Land and Housing Corporation (LAHC) used for transitional housing with the aim to enable clients to move towards private accommodation. This is WEFH’s second compliance assessment since registration and has a history of responsive regulatory behaviour since registration.

The 2018/19 compliance program assessed WEFH as compliant with all performance outcomes of the National Regulatory Code. The Registrar acknowledges the provider’s strong focus
on community engagement and partnering with relevant organisations to meet the diverse needs of their clients through their client centred approach. From a financial perspective, the Registrar assessed WEFH as financially viable. WEFH is a very low risk provider with a record of consistent but modest levels of profitability which is expected to continue in the forecast periods.

The Registrar foresees no requirement to adjust the current level of regulatory engagement with WEFH, with the provider’s next compliance assessment provisionally scheduled to commence in April 2021 and will cover all performance outcomes of the National Regulatory Code.